To all our guests visiting "Sound! Euphonium fan event -Youkoso(Welcome) Festival-"

"Sound! Euphonium fan event -Youkoso(Welcome) Festival-" is an event to be held in public facilities. We are trying to prevent incidents that may affect future events and problems that may hurt the image of the work. Please observe the manners and notes to make it a fun event for everyone.

About admission

  • No alcohol and no dangerous substance.
  • Please do not visit while wearing cosplay or costume.
  • Please do not visit after dressed in clothes beforehand because there is a possibility of portrait rights problems and troubles. Applicants planning to cosplay must apply from the participation form in advance, and follow the staff's directions in the fixed area on the day.
  • No large photographic equipments.
  • A tripod / reflector plate is a hindrance to the passage. We may call on you at the entrance.
  • About the venue

About the venue

  • Please follow the instructions from the staff.
  • There is a staff who made armband in the hall and we are going around the venue area. When troubles happen please be sure to follow the instructions of the staff.
  • No entry into private houses.
  • Please do not enter the area which is not prohibited or entering the premises.
  • Please eat and drink in the designated area.
  • Eating and drinking is prohibited inside the small hall. Please hydrate and eat meals in the designated area.
  • Acts that interfere with traffic or operation are prohibited.
  • Hanging out and sitting in places where many people come and go are prohibited.

About the spot sale

  • Please line up in order at the spot sale and do not talk long if there are people waiting behind.
  • It is forbidden to investigate or violate the privacy of others.
  • Please do not sit down in the passage or read books for a long time.

About the concert

  • Eating and drinking are prohibited inside the small hall. Please be sure to observe.
  • Do not play instruments outside the designated area.
  • Please keep your instruments and valuables by yourself.


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